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Bangko Pangasinan's payment partners offers easy and convenient access to pay your bills within these branches.

Pay your Airline Tickets

You can now pay your travel tickets hassle-free in all our Bangko Pangasinan branches with these airline companies.

- Philippine Airlines
- Cebu Pacific
- Air Asia

Cash Withdrawal at our 24/7 ATM

You can now encash and access your Bangko Pangasinan account 24/7 on these branches.

- Aguilar
- Burgos
- Bolinao

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Our expansive organization at Bangko Pangasinan allows accessible and convenient sending of money from anywhere in the world with these remittance service partners.

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You can now pay over the counter on our Bangko Pangasinan branches for your government documents order. Get the Bangko Pangasinan payment slip and fill out the necessary information for these government corporations.

We Grant

Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Credit

Loans granted for the following activities and purposes:

  • Agricultural production;
  • Promotion of agribusiness and exports;
  • Acquisition of work animals, farm and fishery equipment and machinery;
  • Acquisition of seeds, fertilizers, poultry, livestock, feeds and other similar items;
  • Acquisition of lands authorized under the Agrarian Reform Code of the Philippines and its amendments;
  • Construction, acquisition and repair of facilities for production, processing, storage, and marketing;
  • Other activities identified in Section 23 of R.A 8435, otherwise known as the “Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997.”

Small and Medium Enterprises Loans

Loans granted to any business activity or enterprises engaged in industry, agribusiness activity involving the manufacturing, processing and production of agricultural produce, services, including the practice of one's profession whether single proprietorship, cooperative, partnership or corporation.

Loans for Housing Purpose

Loans granted to individuals for housing purposes, which may be for the acquisition, construction or improvement of a residential unit.

We Accept

Savings Deposit

Special Savings Deposits (Time Deposits)