Chief Risk Officer

-Must be a business graduate preferably accounting major
-Minimum of 10 years of experience in accounting reports, control or internal audit from any banking institution
-Must have above average communication skills, deep thinker and computer literate.
-Must have the knowledge and skills necessary to oversee the BSFI’s risk management activities.
-Must have the ability to interpret and articulate risk in a clear and understandable manner and without compromising his independence.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Primarily responsible for conducting independent loan reviews and reporting policy and underwriting exceptions to the Credit Committee. Performs credit analysis, which will include analysis of financial statements, feasibility studies, ratios, cash flow, and loan decisions.

2. Responsible for the reviews are to ensure individual credits are adequately underwritten, properly graded, appropriately priced, and conformed to Bank policy. The reviews and analysis performed will help the Bank manage the risk in the loan portfolio by ensuring compliance with Bank and regulatory requirements, as well as following up on trends identified so appropriate training can be developed and provided to lending staff.