Snow White And The Seven Pesos

Blog Post – Special

A story by:
Dawn Untalan
Bangko Pangasinan – A Rural Bank, Inc.

Hi! I’m Snow White! It is the 30th today!

And yes! It is pay day today!


I walked out of the office after 5 PM and headed directly to the nearest ATM machine and draw out all that is in my account. Since I am from Generation Z, my thoughts went off like “I deserve to treat and reward myself.”, and so, I did.

I immediately went to the nearest mall. I even call my friends for dinner and offer them a treat. What a confident young professional! We went around the mall, and I splurge the money I could splurge. I did not notice that it is almost 10 PM in the evening. My friends and I decided to go home after this long tiring day.

When I got home, I have checked my purse and to my surprise, I am even thankful that I was able to go home. I only have seven pesos left on my purse and I was extremely worried on how I will be able to go to office tomorrow since what is left with me is not even enough to travel even half of the distance of my house to my workplace.


I felt sorry for myself that I must go through this scene to realize that I should be mindful of where I spend my money with.

After that, I woke up.

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