Roadmapping My Career

In the recent statistics, 30% of job seekers have left a job within 90 days of starting (Jobvite), 50% of employees voluntarily leave in the first two years of employment (Manila Recruitment), 32% of employees plan to change jobs this year (CareerBuilder), 82% of employees said they’d be more loyal and less likely to leave if they had more flexible jobs (FlexJobs), $11 Billion is lost annually due to employee turnover (Bureau of National Affairs), over 50% of global companies have difficulty addressing employee retention (Manila Recruitment), 30% of American workers say their job is “just a job to get them by.” (Pew Research Center).

However, is it really necessary or are we missing the best?

Set your career without risking greener pasture. Here’s a guide to somewhat help you.

1. Love what you are doing.

A lot may have overlooked this side. Yet, this creates a big impact on our career. This affects your growth as an individual. There could be no easy job and it’s not all the time we’ll bring home the bacon. Yet the satisfaction of being able to do what you love is the difference.

2. Don’t give up just yet.

Since pandemic began, employment rate has decreased. It has opened up doors of additional workloads to those who were left. This might sound cliché to everyone, but don’t give up just yet. A lot of struggles were as difficult as it is still in the beginning. And it was always the hardest. Challenge could be people, environment, and the work itself. Refocus. You aren’t there to just work but to grow.

3. Take it slow.

Dreams were just there. You could be at 20’s and be a millionaire or at 50’s and be a stable person. Submit to your own timeline. Don’t rush. Dreams are worth waiting and fighting for.

4. Celebrate small progress.

Little wins are still progress. Don’t feel bad at unwon battles. Victories may take some time. For now, focus on little achievements. Out of all your environment’s appreciation, it is yours that truly matters.

5. Continue learning.

Learning is never ending. You never grow when you think you’re right all the time. You have to go through that process. Keep on striving. Keep on learning.


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