Bangko Pangasinan polishes up on banking services

Bangko Pangasinan polishes up on banking services

It was a whole day of learning — and fun — for the staff and officers of Bangko Pangasinan courtesy of an upgrade seminar provided by the company’s Human Resources Department.

Held last October 5 at the  Arestogracia Grill on Judge Jose De Venecia Ave in Dagupan City, staff were oriented on various aspects of banking and improvement of services. Starting off  with grass root customer care and service, the lecturers proceeded to open up new strategies in terms of bank marketing.

Participants were treated to a sumptuous lunch before taking up the other nitty-gritty aspect of their job.  Among these were training on credit analysis, loan packaging and documentation.

BPang holding trainings to keep abreast of the competition and maintain the excellence of their services.


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